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The Swiss Army Knife was created as a multi-functional tool to help soldiers on the battlefield. It was designed to be strong, flexible, and adaptable so that it could solve problems that an ordinary knife could not. SPCG was founded on these very principles. We are the Swiss Army Knife of the private capital markets.

We are architects of creative and unique financial solutions. SPCG differentiates itself in the private capital markets by using a focused approach that combines extensive financial resources with world class advisory and investment banking expertise.

The financial marketplace often times has been inefficient, whereby the available options were to work with either capital providers or financial advisory. When companies strived to seek high quality financing and services, these worlds were considered separate; neither the finance companies nor private investment firms combined both the practical expertise and specialty resources that small companies needed.Conversely, the typical investment bank did not possess the capability to provide direct investments or capital solutions to the marketplace.

SPCG is different. We bring both advisory services and financing services to the table. The proprietary services that we offer integrate unparalleled strategic tools and decision support that ensure the optimization of every outcome.

Upon having a financial or partner relationship, our companies are provided with a host of elite internal capabilities including legal, accounting, due diligence, and other strategic advisors. SPCG understands the many challenges facing private companies and their owners because we deal with those very issues every day as principal investors and owners ourselves.

We believe financial requirements should be dictated by operating plans, not vice versa, and we work to develop a road map for a credible capitalization plan. SPCG adds value to companies our experience in executing the following types of transactions: