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Executive Partners

The collision of intelligence and ambition with opportunity is unbeatable. At Summit Private Capital Group, we believe that it is the "jockey, not the horse," that wins the race. The Executive Partners Program was formulated with this belief in mind. We have created a unique gateway for high-net- worth individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit to acquire a private company with an experienced financial sponsor.

We look for seasoned executives at the peak of their established corporate career who are looking to become equity partners in high growth, under valued companies and who are ready to commit both their human and financial capital. This platform was built for talented executives seeking a business to acquire to enrich their lives as entrepreneurs using their background and experience.

With SPCG's resources behind you, the Executive Partners Program allows you to "punch above your weight", enabling you to create substantial value and personal wealth. Summit Private Capital Group works meticulously to acquire businesses that fit the skills, experience, and goals of each Executive Partner. Our goal is to form a financial partnership that brings strategic resources, capital, and leadership to companies that are not performing at capacity or are undervalued. SPCG finds opportunities that are often overlooked by typical private equity groups.