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Summit Private Capital Group has an entrepreneurial approach to investing- remaining nimble and flexible with the attitude of finding the right deal and getting it done - with superior execution. The firm explores all possible transaction structures in order to find a mutually acceptable solution to a transaction opportunity. Our firm analyzes a variety of investments from multiple angles to uncover hidden value and in order to offer alternative structures and returns to its transaction partners.

SPCG distinguishes itself from other private financial boutiques as we have established a variety of family business, high-net-worth individuals, and other established investors who seek to participate in our selected transactions utilizing our partnerships, expertise, and resources. We encourage successful investors to participate and engage in transactions which are typically only available to large fund investors, hedge funds, and Wall Street firms.

Our view is that smaller, qualified investors who are often "boxed out" of extraordinary investment opportunities that provide superior returns should have access to such opportunities and SPCG provides such investors with unique alternatives.