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Special Situation Opportunities

SPCG capitalizes on special opportunities in which complexity suppresses value, and in which carefully structured transactions can create positive change. Summit Private Capital Group seeks to realize high investor returns by making a series of financial investments and pursuing alternatives in businesses challenged by the need to effect rapid change. Often, we are presented time-sensitive and event-driven opportunities which offer superior investment returns by capitalizing on underperforming or growth situations. We have often assisted businesses facing the threat of closure or liquidation or that are faced with difficult operating conditions and "bet the company" opportunities.

As a special situation partner, we look at companies with identifiable, reasonable, and achievable objectives. We look at situations predicated on cost realignment, new-value investment, capital availability, and the introduction of new change management. We approach investing in special situations with confidence as a result of our creative and vibrant operating model. Our broad set of tools and capabilities enables us to take on any challenge. Through unique transaction sourcing, we capitalize on market inefficiencies, and our ability to provide financial options in difficult and opportunistic circumstances when others fail to deliver. That is why our credo is "It takes strength to capture opportunity".

We take an investor-centric approach in providing much-needed capital and strategic guidance. Whether it is out of court or through an innovative restructuring strategy, as principals we can design and execute clear solutions that create value. What makes the difference in our resources is that we have an enviable reputation which allows us to navigate the legal and financial process with prestige and execute strategies unavailable to others. In underperforming situations, we act as a strategist, spokesperson, and negotiator guarding the interests of our clients. As Darwin said best, "It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change."